Exhibit Design                                                           

Armadillo Arts can offer institutions of all sizes a range of design and fabrication services.

Whether a large gallery design or a single exhibit component,  we design and build exhibits to

meet all kinds of spatial, thematic and budgetary needs. As a working curator, I not only had to design, but build and maintain my exhibits,  giving me many unique insights.  We can bring well thought-out perspectives to your project.  If you need an exhibit, I can help establish priorities,

produce designs and assist with scripting and all phases of project development.


Illustration & Graphic Arts                                                                        

The truth of an illustration is in  its clear, concise support of a story or an idea.  Like an exhibit, it

can bind narrative points together and give an entirely different perspective, or through its rendering,

set a mood. The best illustrations inform without words and inspire without preaching. We work

the old fashioned way- with pen, ink and pencil, but the advantages of the computer age, particularly

in layout and design, expand the concepts. Still, when it comes to illustration, there is no substitute

for the texture and style of a rendered drawing.  Illustration credits date back 35 years and include

books, both fiction and non-fiction, scientific periodicals, magazines, and even cartoons.  

We are also available for commission works in painting, mural work, or sculpture. If you would like a

portrait, drawing or simply have an empty spot in your mind's eye, Armadillo Arts can meet the

artistic challenge.